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Moreover, reduced representation sequencing generates genome-wide panels of polymorphisms, thus enabling the application of mapping-by-sequencing approaches in cereals, which has been gaining ground as a rapid method to fine-map candidate genes underlying agronomic thesix.

Phytochromes play an important role in light signaling and photoperiodic control of flowering time in plants. Selection scans barley phd thesis multiple targets of selection related to the crucial domestication syndrome traits. Reduced representation sequencing in barley Hordeum vulgare L. This map of barley genetic variation will inform future evolutionary and genome-wide association studies and support the advancement of barley breeding. In the second chapter, I employed another reduced representation batley approach, the whole-exome sequencing, in combination with the mapping-by-sequencing algorithm. Recent barleey in barley genomics made it feasible to explore genetic diversity in a large- genome cereal and its wild relative on an unprecedented scale.

excellent supervision, patience, advice and experience given to me through my A thesis submitted in fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of (USR) to wheat, Eritrea Propositions belonging to the PhD thesis of Woldeamlak A.

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