How to write custom exception in net

How to write custom exception in net build my resume for me

NET framework documentationSystemException is meant only for those exceptions defined by the common language runtime whereas ApplicationException is intended to be used by user code:

You can either derive directly from it or use an intermediate exception like SystemException or ApplicationException as base class. Doug Seelinger May 17, 12 Share. NET Iin, but there is no scenario for catching ApplicationException and it only adds unnecessary depth to the hierarchy. You can normally pass a so called inner exception to one of the constructors which indicates that the created exception is a direct result of a previous one. Some even advocate abandoning the base System. David 7, 1 13

1 May If you don't want to write a custom exception, use an existing exception type. This is an example of a method that throws an InvalidOperationException object: 17 May You are testing the code you write, correct? When attempting to serialize your

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